Cineware & Cinema 4D Lite Quickstart Tutorial by Greyscalegorilla


Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite Quickstart Tutorial from Greyscalegorilla on Vimeo.


Beeple Rules.


More kick ass Cinema 4D files from Beeple. These are offered under Creative Commons license so you can do whatever you want with them, but they are mainly for educational purposes so we can learn how they hell he does this stuff!

Visit Beeple and say THANKS!

Cheez-Its Falling From The Sky Cinema 4D Tutorial | Greyscalegorilla


Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.38.21 PM

From Greyscalegorilla:
“In this two part tutorial series, Chris and Nick show you how to build, light and animate this tasty scene from scratch. First, by modeling and texturing a Cheez-It, then by lighting and animating the scene. Follow along with us to create this Cinema 4D animation.”

Behind The Scenes of NFL IDs


nfl ids

Charlie Co show a short, but very cool behind the scenes video showing their technique for creating NFL IDs. Lots of Photoshop clean up work, camera mapping and rigging going on here.

NFL Network: Making Of IDs from Charlie Company on Vimeo.

Text Edge FX Pro | Bevel Kit for Cinema 4D



Text Edge Pro

Beautiful bevels in Cinema 4D & Cineware.  Infinite options.

Take your 3D text to the next level with this all-in-one bevel toolkit.

Text Edge Pro is a must have tool for anyone who works with 3D type or logos inside of Cinema 4D.  This is a preset that creates brilliant looking text and logos super fast, perfect for broadcast, movie trailers, print, or any workflow that requires creating beautiful 3D text.  With it you can add custom outer, inner bevels, and edges to any text that goes above and beyond the stock bevel options in C4D.  The best part?  It’s non-destructive!  What does that mean?  Develop your text bevel look and you easily edit it, change the font or text just like you would with the MoText object while keeping the bevel intact making iteration a breeze!  Along with applying bevels on your type, you can also put…

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Free Cinema 4D Orbit Camera Rig from Hello Luxx

Standard”>cinema 4d orbit camera rig

From Hello Luxx

This free camera rig for Cinema4D is a really handy little setup with which you can quickly and easily create some nice orbiting moves around your objects using very few animation tracks.
The hierarchy of nulls allows you to control the heading, pitch and bank around the pivot point and also from the camera axis, independent of each other. There is also control for the z-depth position of the camera so you can easily push in and pull out as you rotate around.
Download the rig at

NAB 2013 With Maxon, Adobe, And Greyscalegorilla


Check out this video Nick Campbell of Greyscalegorilla just posted from NAB 2013, announcing the new 3D pipeline between Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D. The new version of After Effects, After Effects CC (Creative Cloud), will be released in June 2013, featuring C4D Lite built in for free.

From Maxon, “With MAXON CINEWARE in the new After Effects your compositing workflow will be catapulted into a new dimension. Import native CINEMA 4D scenes as assets in After Effects and utilize CINEMA 4D’s powerful multi-pass workflow as layers to achieve your vision. Update the CINEMA 4D scene at any time and you’ll instantly see the results inside After Effects. There’s no need to wait for long renders or manage intermediate files because the CINEMA 4D render engine is built right in After Effects. Your 3D workflow has never been easier.”

NAB 2013 With Maxon, Adobe, And Greyscalegorilla from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.