Shepard Fairey Talks Influences


Shepard Fairey explains how skateboarding, punk music and graffiti influenced his work and the ways it has shaped his career.


Julian Mallard – Various Murals – Inspiration


Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine

Julien “Seth” Malland is a world traveling, street painting, socially conscious individual roaming the far places of this planet. Malland took a three year journey around the world to create his work in remote areas. He would spend time with the locals then create beautiful pieces displaying children and colors which help “liven up” the communities.

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Dabs Myla “Double Feature” Melbourne Video – Inspiration



It’s always beautiful when a passion for the arts is visible within the works. Artistic duo (and couple) Dabs Myla is a prime example. The two artists originate from Melbourne, and for the past few years have been developing their craft worldwide, most recently with an exhibition titled “All Good Things” at the Metro Gallery in their hometown. LRG highlighted the two in the latest installment of its Artist Driven series, first covering the process of painting a gloriously technicolor wall, then displaying a recap of their solo exhibition. Enjoy the feel-good video above.

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‘Keys’ Print by Jay Donohue.

Check out my new print ‘Keys’ at my store featuring some bad ass type created by Hydro74. This was created in Illustrator and Photoshop, using paper & paint textures and brushes. It is also available on tees.