What is Bitcoin? Motion Graphics – Inspiration



Being in the Digital/Internet industry, one cannot escape the term Digital Currency now. It’s the new fad. It’s going to be a long term fad. So, I have to learn a little bit about bitcoin and what’s the fuss about it.

Easy guide about Bitcoin

1. What is Bitcoin?
A digital currency without notes and coins.
A system which allows you to do anonymous currency transactions.
No authority or organization will come to know your money transaction.

2. What is Double Spending?
Everything can be duplicated in the digital world.
All transactions will be shown in public listing to avoid duplication of the digital currency.
No one can copy the currency as it’s validity is checked.
So one one can double spend on the same bitcoin.

3. How in the world public listing is anonymous?
Apparently, you can keep your bitcoins in a digital wallet – which is in your computer or…

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Ron Terada | Typographic Installations – Inspiration


Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine

Ron Terada (born 1969) is a Vancouver-based artist working in various media, including painting, photography, video, sound, books, and graphic design. The majority of of his work seems to revolve around typography that deals with the love, poetry and the Canadian landscape.

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Nike Takes Advertising To Dazzling Blade Runner Levels With New Holographic Advertising Campaign



When your net worth hovers between 14 to 17 billion dollars you get the chance to dazzle folks with some pretty creative marketing campaigns.  As technology enables us to become more interconnected, have instant access to information and constantly allows us to seek out new ways to react with each other, it is imperative for companies to embark on new ventures to sell their wares.

-0Nike-Free-Holographic-Ad-1Such is the case with Nike’s latest advertising campaign that looks like something straight from a billboard in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner.  The prodigious footwear company utilizes holographic images for their new Nike Free 5.0 running shoes and the end result is quite impressive.

Right now the campaign has only appeared in Amsterdam but as this goes viral, I’m sure it won’t be long before it comes stateside.  Nike collaborated with media agencies Mindshare, Kinetic, and JCDecaux for this new ground-breaking…

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