Mysterious old sound machine that I would like to hear more about


Old and forgotten obscure synthesizers

I’ve always been fascinated by sound, music, and by any device able to produce (pleasant) sounds. I raised up in the 70’s and 80′, and I witnessed the biggest change in technology of (not only) sound creation, spanning from analogue to digital domain. I still remember when I was messing around music stores and fairs to test keyboards that most of musician not too young should remember well: Korg Mono/Poly, Crumar Trilogy, Yamaha DX7, Kawai K5, and some strange device that I couldn’t focus anymore, like a kind of drum guitar that I faintly resemble to be a Korg brand.

However, aside the notorious machines above mentioned, there are many other that didn’t have the deserved fame, and sometimes didn’t even leave the prototype state. It would be nice if someone could gather all these forgotten machines in an exposition. Sure that no one will do that (who would care?)…

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